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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Tatiana Agapova is an International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant and the founder of Paris-Etiquette, living in Paris and teaching people good manners. Tatiana is passionate about dining etiquette and table setting. Aside from these favorites of hers, she offers separate classes related to proper behavior in social settings.

When talking about ourselves, many people share funny stories, and more often than not, stories about embarrassing situations they find themselves in at nice restaurants, conferences or business meals. These regrettable mishaps can occur in our place of work, on holiday and even while receiving guests in our own homes.

No one wants to be embarrassed or feel ridiculed, but many of us are unsure and uneducated about proper table manners. Even fewer know how to handle specific cutlery and tableware appropriately.

We have come a long way from being cave dwellers celebrating great hunts of prey to attending State Dinners at the Élysée Palace. But we share something in common with these prehistoric ancestors; we still have our daily meal with company as a symbol of hospitality, friendship and love.

So, why not learn how to do this with eloquence and proper manners?

Participating in classes with Paris-Etiquette on table manners and table decoration, you will learn the differences between French and English dining etiquette; common mistakes; how to receive guests and also be the perfect guest; use tableware and specific utensils properly.

Being a polite and well-mannered person is beneficial in life and table etiquette is the perfect place to start.

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