The holiday season is coming, and at this time of year, we like to treat family and friends (and ourselves too !) with some special food and delicacy. Caviar is one them.

How do we serve caviar? If you have caviar serving set (on the photo) - that's perfect. If not, serve it in the original jar оn а bed of crushed ice.

No need to transfer caviar from one jar to other, also avoid any stirring. Fish eggs are very fragile and easy to crush. They should burst on the tongue and not turn into a mash before that joyful moment.

Surprisingly it quite unknown that we don't eat caviar with metal or, even worse, silver spoon. These materials are oxidised very fast and give caviar an unpleasant metallic taste.

It is better to use mother-of-pearl, or horn, bone, porcelain, glass or wooden spoons. Even plastic spoon will serve you better than metal or silver.

You can also find a caviar spreader, very similar to butter knife with a blade made of mother-of-pearl, horn or bone. But, personally, I don't like to use it, as it might crush eggs.

Caviar may be served with sour cream, grated egg yolk and grated egg whites, onions, lemon, toasts and, of course, with blinis (small pancakes).

With serving spoon scoop a teaspoon of caviar and put it on your plate along with blinis or toast, and garnishes of your choice.

It is considered incorrect, or even rude, to take large portions of caviar at a single time.

If you eat caviar with toast, use your fingers to eat a bite size of toast with caviar on it.

If you prefer blinis, eat it with knife and fork.

Vodka is a traditional accompaniment, as the oil in the caviar lined the stomach and you should be able to consume larger amounts of alcohol (by you are not obligated to do so). Champagne with caviar is also a good match.

My favourite way is to enjoy it is very simple, just caviar with a glass of champagne.

Bonne degustation!

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