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Table Manners and Etiquette

Good manners and Savoir-Vivre in Paris and Online


Tatiana Agapova


Founder of Paris-Etiquette, provides private and group workshops on dinning etiquette and table decoration, dress code, hostessing and household management, and other topics related to good manners and how to live with style.

My name is Tatiana and I would like to introduce myself.


Currently, I reside in the beautiful city of Paris where I work as an International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant.


With over six years of experience in teaching, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of Art de la Table, Historical etiquette, and Savoir-Vivre à la Française.

As individuals with diverse backgrounds, it can be challenging to understand and implement European etiquette and good manners.

That's why my classes aim to make it both logical and entertaining for you to quickly adapt, develop good habits, and apply them straight away.

If you happen to be traveling or staying in Paris, you can book my offline classes and enjoy personalized, private lessons in person.


For those who are not in Paris, fear not! I also offer online classes via Zoom so you can still benefit from my teachings regardless of your location.

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